RDI Journal Feb 12, Wed – Cookies and Hummus

Made some cookies with A today. He was attentive and very well behaved, making lots of eye contact for help with decisions.  Not much to say about this interaction as I didn’t particularly have any goals in mind other than to do something with him.

As for the cookies… made the mistake of leaving them in too long, not rotating the massive cookie sheet – plus I think the oven temperature is off. What were supposed to be chewy cookies are now crispy – seriously frustrating making a one-off batch of cookies while trying to be gluten-free.  I might make another batch tomorrow and hope for better results. The kids should still enjoy them though.

But… made the best hummus ever tonight, following instructions from here: http://www.inspiredtaste.net/15938/easy-and-smooth-hummus-recipe/. If you decide to make this, do yourself a favor and use a food processor, not a blender like I did.

We’re going to try to get Aidan to eat some of this – he has texture issues. Our strategy will be to just break out the lettuce and hummus and start eating in the evening and see if the kids will join us without being asked or told.

Ah, and I have to say, D, lately, has been super affectionate, and more demanding of our attention, wanting us to play with him more and more. He also seems in much better mood lately, but still out of control as always. Friend at work has the same kind of problem with his 4 year old. I wonder if my heavy-handed approach to his behavior on Saturday (putting him in the bathroom a lot) was the catalyst for this. Anyway, I’ve decided to not worry about his behavior too much and spend more time explaining things to him and not worrying about getting out the door on time in the morning. After all, A can be late for school and it’s not that big a deal, plus I think it’s actually faster if I take my time rather than trying so hard to get the kids in line, which can easily cause an even more time consuming breakdown.


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