2 Minute Review: Kobo Arc 7HD 32GB


  • Full HD 1920×1200 screen
  • Micro-HDMI out
  • Price (CAD $120)


  • No SD card support
  • No more support from Kobo (stuck on 4.2/Jellybean)
  • Battery life rather poor
  • Poor performance / 1GB ram
  • No OTG support

Despite all the cons, I like the device. It’s geared towards providing a good reading experience. Text is very crisp and clear, and the battery will last long enough if you’re just reading books or browsing. The HDMI out is rather an unusual feature on this device, but one that I find I use quite often to watch Netflix with my wife, or to put something on for the kids. 32GB is enough to store a good amount of media as well. I did notice that using the HDMI-out seemed to drain the battery extra quickly.

Games are a bit hit and miss, with stuttering on many, but surprising performance on others.

In summary, a very good device for the price, if you care for a high PPI display and don’t care about gaming.

PS: I did drop the device once, onto asphalt, about a day after I bought it. The device sort of split apart a bit, but I pressed it back together and it’s been working fine since. The edges of the bezel are made of soft plastic and suffered considerable cosmetic damage, which I feel gives it some nice character.



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