2 Minute Reviews: Kobo Arc 10HD 16GB


  • WQHD display (2560×1600!)
  • 2GB ram
  • Fast!
  • OTG support [Note, FAT and NTFS (read only) filesystems are supported, but my device destroys the filesystem for any exFAT device I have inserted]
  • Price: CAD $180


  • No SD Card
  • 16GB memory
  • It’s big and heavy, almost as heavy as our old iPad 3…
  • Stuck on Android 4.2 forever?

I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately, and this tablet is simply too big for reading manga. It’s also too large and heavy to comfortably read a book for any length of time, despite the nice ergonomic back shape and material, so it’s odd that Kobo released such a beast. It seems to be good at everything that someone looking for an e-reader wouldn’t be interested in doing:

  • Web browsing: Large, clear screen with crisp fonts – so much nicer experience for my eyeballs than my computer monitor
  • Games: Super Hexagon, for example, is smooth and I don’t feel any lag in the controls. In general, there might be the odd stutter in some games, but I feel that’s reasonable for a display that’s pushing such a high pixel count and might be common with high-end devices
  • Media: Netflix and Crunchyroll never looked so good

Unfortunately, and I feel especially on the games front, being stuck on Android 4.2 limits the tablet’s overall usefulness. For example, the latest Office for Android will only work with Android 4.4 and higher.

I can’t stress how much I like the screen. Come to think of it, it’s probably good for reading technical documents.

To sum up, this device is suitable for casual use at home, serving up recipes in the kitchen, watching Netflix on the couch, casual gaming, etc. I wouldn’t consider it overly portable – it’s about the size of a small laptop.



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