2 Minute Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Note 8


  • S-Pen
  • Fast
  • Micro SD support
  • 8″ display


  • 1280×800 display
  • Terrible lag in games

I’ve had this tablet for over a year, hoping I would use it for drawing and painting. Frequently it seems I enjoy having the tools to be able to do things more than I enjoy doing them. While I did do some drawing, I’ve never gotten fully comfortable sketching or ideating using a device. Perhaps the software is not there yet, or perhaps it’s the distraction of the device itself that gets in the way.

Before I digress any further, I do love the concept of the S-Pen, and it’s great for jotting down notes or capturing quick sketches, and there are more and more art applications that make use of the Wacom technology. Definitely a feature I would pay for. The tablet itself is quite fast, however it suffers from an input and/or display lag that makes certain types of games unplayable. Anything involving fast reflexes is pure pain on this device.

The display is bright and beautiful, though the low resolution is painfully evident. I really love the Micro SD slot, and have a 64GB card in there holding a bunch of music and movies.

However, this is the tablet I use the least currently. Yes, I do have too many devices, and between a Note 3 and a Kobo Arc 7HD, there’s no compelling reason for me to use it these days.

I should really sell the damn thing, but it’s the only device I have rooted to play with.



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